under construction (formerly mind your business)

Under Construction is a worker placement game where you are the supplier of construction goods. You place your workers to collect raw materials to fill your orders of goods. The raw materials are put into your forge to make the goods. Then, sell your goods at the market to maximize your money. If you can sell 3 or more of one type, you can earn a bonus. Beware, as the goods are sold, their value drops. If you are too slow to market, your goods may be worthless.

Upgrades can be purchased to help your forge produce faster, two different goods, or even two of the same good. This carries a risk. You must roll the dreaded Maintenance Die. This D6 has a 1-in-3 chance of breaking your forge from tasking it with the upgrade. A broken forge must be repaired before it can be used again. You may also purchase an additional forge to help you make more goods.

You can also choose to draw Action Cards that are always good for you, but they could spell disaster for your opponents. They could make your opponent discard a raw material, or you could even steal one. Force someone to roll the maintenance die. Or, simply take a second action with one of your worker meeple.

Other actions include going to the hiring hall to hire your project foreman, the bank for money, getting more blueprint cards, or strategically taking the 1st player token. The Project Foreman is a special meeple with special abilities. Place this meeple wisely to maximize its benefits.

The game ends when four of the nine market stalls are empty. Then, add up the money and add in any bonuses earned. The person that minded their business best, is the winner! Under Construction is a risk-vs-reward, push-your-luck, worker-placement game of economic tactics.